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and production space in the heart of Melbourne’s North

TACHI Studios is a space to create and elevate your visual identity.

It is a photo, video and lifestyle studio, draped in stunning natural light with soaring original 60’s warehouse ceiling stretching 7m high. Perfect for photographers, videographers, content creators, productions of all types, and artists of all talents.

From afar, it is an historic built red brick factory in the heart of Coburg North. Stepping closer, you get a sense of new life within.

TACHI Studios offers a large open plan area, three seperate studios including an extra large two-way Cyclorama, Creative Lab and a Lifestyle Studio delivering a new Victorian style luxury living room.
Inside, it’s a new dawn, a new day. It is a purpose-built space for good people to come, create and thrive.


Crisp matte white exposed brick walls, floors with heavy patina coupled with high-end polished finish, exposed steel beams, boutique windows and glass, new sharp crisp white walls all merge together in harmony in the space.

It is a conscious, very deliberate juxtaposition between old and new, blue-collar grunt and high-end polish.

Our furniture and large working tables create ideal onset workspaces or for teams to collaborate or workshop.

The space retains many original warehouse and factory appointments, paired with contemporary finishes and additions. This creates a space that provides for several looks making it perfect for fashion, editorial, lifestyle, ecommerce, fitness, content creation and music productions.

TACHI Studios is a space to create.



TACHI Studios has a full return corner cyclorama measuring 5.5m high, 6.5m wide with a 4.5m deep return / side wall with 7m total ceiling height.

A large versatile Cyclorama is great for everything from fashion campaign shoots to music videos, to large scale content creation.

The blank curved walls allow you to change the backdrop to nearly anything. With a Cyc of our size, you can also film your subject from different angles while having the same backdrop. 



Our Creative Lab is ideal for editorial, product shots, food and beverage shots, content creating e-comm, castings and portraiture. It measures approximately 25sqm (5m x 5m) with a perfect white exposed brick wall stretching 7m (23 ft) high.

Working tables, 3m paper rolls and workable space creates a studio with tonnes of flexibility and endless options.


Our Lifestyle studio is a careful combination of elements to create a clean but high-end designer home aesthetic.


Maintaining Victorian interior features like traditional timber floors, wainscoting, 6m high white wall, sheer drape curtains and designer furniture pieces.


Its a versatile space, set out to offer an open-plan living area.

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